Father “Works” As School Gardener Because He Doesn’t Want To Leave His Son

The first day of school just started last week and many first time parents have been sharing their experience sending their children to school on their social media pages. 

father “works” as school gardener because he doesn’t want to leave his sonPhoto via TikTok (@intanmasekh)

We’ve seen parents who dressed themselves in school uniforms to help with their son’s anxiety, a group of dads standing on a bus stop bench to “spy” on their kids in class and even a primary school student who tried to “ponteng” her first day of school by squeezing herself through the school’s gate.

Just recently, we stumbled across another video of a father who reportedly “applied” for a gardening position at his son’s school because he didn’t want to leave his son’s side. How funny!

In the video, the man is seen standing in front of a row of children, participating in the school’s activity, namely aerobics involving the parents and teachers. 

After the morning activity, the man is then seen cleaning the school’s kindergarten area, acting like he works for the school because he didn’t want to leave his son. 

The video has since garnered over 660 thousand views at the time of writing.

@intanmasekh Golongan ayah yang paling syahdu nk hantar anak sulungnya kesekolah. Snggup tunggu kat sekolah smpai anak balik sekolah😂 #backtoschool #haripertamasekolah #masuksekolah2023 #prasekolah #tadika ♬ original sound - Intan Nurdiyana

Malaysians took to the comment section to share their amusement, “Millennials are great parents, breaking the generational tradition.”

“What a dad! He’s helping the school to clean while he waits for his son. I wonder if he cleaned the toilets as well?” one person said jokingly.

This is so cute! We wonder if he still works at his son’s school…