Uncle Kentang Has Done It Again!

We stan Uncle Kentang and all his charitable efforts! 

If you’ve been keeping up with what’s going on, you’ll know that Uncle Kentang (or his real name, Kuan Chee Heng), who is known for his kindness and incredible generosity towards people in need.

He has helped so many people in the past, including renting a whole bus just to bring some kids living in a PPR flat jalan-jalan, donated to a couple who needed a funeral van, and also the time he opened a public kitchen so that poor people who are hungry can get access to free food!

Uncle Kentang garnered the most praise this time as he went above and beyond, by travelling across three states to help families prepare for the funeral of their loved ones, and even paid for the costs out of his own pocket!

Uncle Kentang shared on his Facebook page, of him driving his own van jenazah (funeral van) which he offers to use to poor families without any cost. 

“They were unable to pay for the funeral costs, so we stepped in. This is what makes Malaysia great.”

According to Penang Kini, after getting the blessings and permission from the deceased’s family, Uncle Kentang proceeded to collect the deceased’s body in Penang, before driving it back to Pahang where the family lives.

Thank you, Uncle Kentang, for your kindness towards those who are in need. We hope this will inspire others to be just like you! 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat