Uncle Kentang’s True Act Of Kindness

It’s not easy these days to find a true act of compassion but this Uncle proved to us there’s still humanity left in the world.

uncle kentang’s true act of kindnessPhoto: Facebook Kuan Chee Heng

Kuan Chee Heng or better known as Uncle Kentang shared in his Facebook post, the hardship a couple had to go through after losing their baby. The couple’s baby had died during surgery after 4 months of being in the hospital. Since they could not afford to hire a funeral van, they decided to take the express bus back to Kulim Kedah. Even the money for the bus was donated by the nurses at the hospital. The couple did not eat as the money in their hands was just enough for the bus ride, but they were determined to bring their child back to their hometown.

Uncle Kentang wrote, “just imagine the pain and hardship the couple had to go through at the time”. Upon receiving a call from one of the staff at the hospital telling him the heart-breaking story, he quickly rushed to Hospital Serdang with a funeral van alongside his partner Serena.

He assisted the couple to bring their baby back to Kedah and even stopped along the way to get something to eat. The couple, who at first refused to eat, told Uncle Kentang that they wanted to take care of the baby in the van. But as it turns out, the couple had no money to even afford food. Uncle Kentang after knowing this, gave them some money.

Uncle Kentang’s story received the attention of many who praised him for his kindness in helping the couple:

uncle kentang’s true act of kindnessPhoto: Facebook

While Uncle Kentang thanked those who left him positive comments, the true heroes, according to him, are the forensic staff handling the mortuary at Hospital Serdang who notified him of the incident, along with all the other doctors and nurses who work tirelessly to assist their patients.

In his post, Uncle Kentang, who’s known for his social activism, reminded everyone to reflect on their actions in this world and to always help those in need.

Let’s all take lessons from his story and remember to be kind towards one another.

By: Siti Farhana Sheikh Yahya