This Man Is TOUGH Tough

this man is tough tough

In the Southeast Asia edition of R U Tough Enough, Malaysian Seah Zhang Yu proved that he was, indeed, tough enough. The sales advisor/MMA fighter achieved 1st place, beating 17 others from Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam to win the grand prize of US$15,000 (RM60,000)! 

Prior to this, Seah emerged as the champion in the Malaysian Invasion Mixed Martial Arts (MIMMA) Flyweight Belt three times straight. Once, he even knocked his rival out in the first round (don’t pick a fight with him!)  
“It feels like I'm in a dream and I can't believe I won! The final round with Kajohnsak was very strenuous indeed. I thought I had failed during the tyre-carrying section of the obstacle course; weight-lifting is not one of my biggest strengths and I'm small in size, but I endured and did not give up. Towards the end, it felt like I was not just fighting to win for the sake of my family and friends, but also for Malaysia, and that gave me the final push to go further to achieve what seemed impossible!” said Seah.

this man is tough tough
“We are so proud of Seah for his achievement in winning this year’s R U Tough Enough Southeast Asia and for showcasing what physical, mental and emotional toughness truly encompasses. It was an intense battle defeating 17 other finalists in this Final Showdown, and the win was well-deserved!” said Annie Chan, Executive Director, Affiliate & Advertising Sales, Celestial Tiger Entertainment. 

this man is tough tough

Held at Sunway Pyramid, the Final Showdown was filled with an array of obstacles that tested the finalists’ abilities, mental grit and emotional strength, challenging their limits. The last part of the course required contestants to run and leap towards the top of a curved wall, using their upper body strength to hoist themselves up and complete the race. We already feel like passing out just hearing about it!

In the Final Head-to-Head Challenge, Kajohnsak from Thailand looked like he would win, but Seah flipped the tables when he managed to summon his strength and beat his challenger to a sweet, sweet victory.

By: Celestine Foo