Tajikistani Woman Shares What She Misses Most About Malaysia And It's Showering Every Day!

Living in Malaysia offers a unique blend of experiences that captivate both locals and visitors alike. 

tajikistani woman shares what she misses most about malaysia and it's showering every day!Photo via TikTok (@sabdulloeva)

While some may take the everyday sights and sounds for granted, others, like Tajikistani content creator Sabrina Dulloeva, find themselves enchanted by the charm of our country.

Having spent an extended period documenting her life in Malaysia, Dulloeva recently bid farewell to our shores and returned to her homeland of Tajikistan. However, in a recent TikTok video shared on her account @sabdulloeva, she reminisced about the things she misses most about Malaysia.

In her fluent Malay, Dulloeva expressed longing for the simple pleasure of daily showers, a luxury often taken for granted in a country where snow blankets the landscape. 

She humorously shared that in Tajikistan, where she currently resides, showering is a rare occurrence during the cold winter months, as frequent bathing can lead to illness.

Dulloeva also lamented the cumbersome layers of clothing required to combat the chilly Tajikistan weather, contrasting it with the ease of wearing just one layer in Malaysia. She chuckled as she described feeling weighed down by the multiple layers, jokingly attributing her perceived weight gain to the bulky attire.

She added the stark difference in road etiquette as well, particularly the absence of hand signals for pedestrians in Tajikistan. She humorously warned of the perils of crossing the street without caution, drawing a contrast to the orderly traffic customs observed in Malaysia.

Dulleva's insights into life in Tajikistan sparked a conversation among Malaysians, who shared their own perspectives on the contrasting climates and customs. While some empathised with the discomfort of the cold, others couldn't fathom sacrificing the warmth of Malaysian weather for the chill of winter.

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As Dulloeva continues to adapt to life back in Tajikistan with her family, her reflections serve as a poignant reminder of the diverse experiences that shape our perception of home.