It’s All Systems Go For The National COVID-19 Immunization Plan!

We’re just days away from getting the Covid-19 vaccine! 

it’s all systems go for the national covid-19 immunization plan!Photo via BERNAMA

The Prime Minister says the first batch of the Pfizer- BioNtech vaccine will arrive this Sunday (February 21), with the first phase of the vaccination drive to roll-out on the 26th

Tan Sri Muhyiddin says he himself will be the first to receive the jab, followed by our frontliners. 

He said this, at the launch of the Immunization plan guidebook this morning. 

The guidebook, which can be downloaded now from has all the important details you need to know about the vaccine program. 

This includes the type of vaccines Malaysia has purchased, how to register to receive the jabs, and how the immunisation will be carried out. 

it’s all systems go for the national covid-19 immunization plan!Photo via Reuters

With all the details spelled out, the PM is urging Malaysians not to delay when registration is opened. 

“Please don’t dilly-dally when the time comes to register. Also remind your relatives and friends to sign up. And make sure you turn up at the designated time to receive your first and second doses”. 

“Remember… when you are protected, you also protect your loved ones”. 

Tan Sri Muhyiddin is also hopeful that once more Malaysians get immunized, we can slowly start resuming things like travelling, visiting loved ones and other social activities. 

The first phase of the vaccination drive (involving frontliners) will continue until April. 

It will be followed by the high-risk group - comprising the elderly and those with chronic medical conditions – who will get their jabs between April and August. 

The rest of the adult population can then start receiving their vaccines from May. 

The vaccine is FREE, and not compulsory… although all Malaysians are urged to get immunized. 

By: Nicholas Darren John