Zoo Negara Shares Video Of Oyen Sharing Food With Capybaras In Their Enclosure, Netizens Amused

Orange cats or Oyens are a different breed of cats due to their weird and mischievous behavior and bold personalities. 

One Oyen caught netizens’ attention after it was seen chilling and eating with a herd of capybaras at Zoo Negara. 

zoo negara shares video of oyen sharing food with capybaras in their enclosure, netizens amusedPhoto via TikTok (@znmzoonegaramalaysia)

Apparently, this orange cat is known to roam around in the same enclosure in a few videos shared by the zoo. And what makes it funnier (and cuter) is that the capybaras aren’t even bothered by its presence.

The caption reads: “Oyen is causing trouble again! This time with the capybaras!”

Oyen was even seen socializing with the capybaras and even stealing some of their food during snack time. How cute! 

Netizens seemed to be amused at how at ease the Oyen looked surrounded by all the capybaras.

@znmzoonegaramalaysia Oyen buat hal lagi! Kali ni dengan Capybara. #oyen #oyennakal #kucinglucu #kucingtiktok #kucingoren #neko #capybara #berbukapuasa #eheheheh #ramadan #ramadanmoments #fyp #zoonegara ♬ bunyi asal - Mhd Aizzat - AizzatFromYT

The video has since garnered over 199 thousand views at the time of writing.

One person commented: “Don’t mess with this species. Especially the orange one. Even with a lion, they will just take their food.

Aiyo, Oyen, so troublesome!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat