Video of Zayn Malik Discussing Music Influences Goes Viral, Sparks Conversation Among K-Pop Fans!

In a much-anticipated return to the music scene, former One Direction heartthrob Zayn Malik unveiled his latest album, "Room Under the Stairs," sending fans into a frenzy of excitement.

video of zayn malik discussing music influences goes viral, sparks conversation among k-pop fans!Photo via X (@zjmyangelx)

A snippet of Zayn discussing his musical influences has taken the internet by storm, racking up an impressive 695.7K views on X at the time of this writing. In the clip, he candidly shares his journey to rediscovering inspiration, sparking a wave of speculation among eager fans.

As the online community buzzes with anticipation, enthusiasts are fervently trying to decipher Zayn's affinity for a particular K-Pop band. Could it be EXO, BLACKPINK, BTS, SEVENTEEN, TWICE or perhaps another group altogether? The guessing game is on, with fans dissecting every clue and hint dropped by the enigmatic artist.

However, amidst the fervour, some voices emerge to offer a different perspective. Certain netizens argue that Zayn's mention of "hip hop" followed by "rap" indicates a divergence from the K-Pop realm, challenging the initial interpretation put forth by the original poster.

Nevertheless, the allure of K-Pop remains strong, and many steadfastly maintain their belief that Zayn's words hinted at a fondness for the genre. With speculation rife and anticipation mounting, fans eagerly await further clues from the elusive musician himself.

What did you guys hear? Did he say K-Pop or Hip-Hop?