YouTube Sensations Sugu Pavithra And Husband- Cooking Icons?

YouTube sensation, Sugu Pavithra and her husband has been gaining massive traction during these trying times. They’ve gained widespread recognition during the Movement Control Order, including from our Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.

youtube sensations sugu pavithra and husbands- cooking icons?Photo via Malay Mail

Netizens have been pouring their love and support for the couple, many calling them ambassadors of unity, or 'cooking  icons' for their simple and humble style.

As much as the acclaim was much appreciated by the couple, they felt that they have not deserved the titles as of yet.

Sugu Pavithra and her husband, M. Sugu joined the YouTube community in January and they’ve gained over 660,000 subscribers at the time of writing this article.

She said in an interview: “ We are just ordinary people. Becoming an icon is a big deal. Do we really deserve it? No, because one must be perfect to become an icon.”

After receiving their third paycheck from YouTube, Pavithra mentioned that her husband had recently resigned from his job, as they both want to focus on their YouTube channel full-time.

Keep up the great work Sugu Pavithra and M Sugu!

#ICYMI: Bel and JD from #TheLITEBreakfast recently interviewed Sugu Pavithra where she explained her motivation to join the Youtube community, challenges she faced and what it feels like to be acknowledged by the Prime Minister.

By: Bradley Tan