7-Year-Old Boy Packs Biscuits for His School 'Bekal' to Help His Mom “Saves Money”

In a heartwarming video that has recently captured the internet's attention, a young boy's simple act of kindness and frugality touched the hearts of many.

The video, shared on TikTok by his mother, Nadiya Hayati, reveals a precious moment involving her son, Zachary, as he prepared for school. Nadiya noticed Zachary discreetly placing something in his school bag, prompting her curiosity.

7-year-old boy packs biscuits for his school 'bekal' to help his mom “saves money”Photo via Instagram (@nadiyahayati)

Upon investigation, Nadiya discovered that Zachary had carefully packed three biscuits in a small container, intending to bring them to school for his recess, rather than buying food at the canteen. The motivation behind his decision was endearing: "He said he wants to bring this (the biscuits) because he wants to save his pocket money," read the caption on the video.

When Nadiya gently inquired about why he wanted to save money, as she had never instructed him to do so, Zachary initially hesitated, avoiding a direct response. Eventually, he opened up, revealing, "Because we don't have much money."

According to Nadiya, Zachary even took the initiative to nibble on the edges of the biscuits to ensure they would fit into the small container.

In the video, Nadiya further quizzed Zachary about how he had managed to make square biscuits fit into a round container. Surprisingly, the young boy replied that he had eaten part of the biscuits to make them fit, affirming that he would refrain from using his money and would instead enjoy the half-eaten biscuits during school.

The heartfelt video moved netizens deeply, prompting an outpouring of praise for the primary school student. Comments overflowed with admiration for Zachary's maturity and thoughtfulness.

"Your son's character is a by-product of good and sincere parenting. May he grow up to be humble and genuine," remarked one user.

"He thinks maturely. It is good to see kids like this. He thinks first before acting. He is a good-hearted person," praised another user.

Nadiya, too, received commendation for her nurturing. One user expressed, "He is too mature to [be thinking] like this. Trust me, he will become a good son. You raised him well."

In response to the online attention, Nadiya clarified on her Instagram that her family does not face any financial hardships. She attributed Zachary's response to her occasional explanations of budget constraints to him. Her reassurance aimed to put any misconceptions to rest.

In a world often inundated with stories of excess and extravagance, Zachary's simple yet profound act of compassion and thriftiness reminds us all of the power of empathy and the beauty of a caring heart.