Heartwarming! Video Of Young Boy Collecting Food From Waiter Went Viral, Kindly Greets & Kiss Worker's Hand

It’s not easy to raise kids!

Raising children involves a profound responsibility, something every parent understands well… Instilling kindness and respect for elders is a lesson that should ideally commence during early years.

heartwarming! video of young boy collecting food from waiter went viral, kindly greets & kiss worker's handPhoto via TikTok (@donharry9268)

Recently, a viral video on TikTok has touched the hearts of Malaysians online, showing a family at a restaurant, eagerly waiting for their food. 

Once their food was prepared, the mother asked her son to help collect the food order at the counter.

Yet, what captivated everyone's attention was the young boy's conduct. Not only did he greet the restaurant staff, but he also tenderly kissed their hands before leaving, which is a common sign of respect in Malaysia. 

If you’re not from Malaysia or any of its neighbouring Southeast Asian countries, let us explain to you… This simple gesture of kissing the hand of someone who is older is a way of showing honour and appreciation which has been deeply rooted in our traditional values and etiquette. 

This simple yet profound act undoubtedly warmed his mother's (and netizen’s) hearts, and it's no wonder why…

"It's not only my heart that's been moved; those observing are equally touched. Hats off to the mom for her remarkable upbringing!" one person commented. 

Scanning through the comments section, it's evident that most Malaysians shared a positive reaction upon viewing the video.

As of the time of writing, the video has gained over 449.4K views, 30.1K likes, and 429 comments on TikTok.

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The young boy's exemplary display of manners and respect is genuinely heartening. It stands as a testament to his parents' exceptional parenting that has cultivated such a well-mannered and thoughtful young individual. 

In a world where these values can sometimes be overshadowed, witnessing a young person embracing them wholeheartedly is indeed refreshing. A round of applause to the parents for nurturing these qualities in their child from a tender age!