You Didn't Have To Retweet This

you didn

It has become increasingly common for people to take and upload photos of strangers they find attractive with captions like “retweet until we find her”. This act infringes on privacy and we do not condone it, but this Grab driver definitely gets away with it.

Twitter user Luqman Al Zauj uploaded a picture of a girl sitting in the backseat of a car along with a caption saying his passenger looks cute, and asked netizens to retweet his tweet until they find the girl. 

In a movie-like plot twist, a picture of him and the same girl is also in his Twitter header picture - she is his actual girlfriend, and he basically managed to fool almost everyone into looking for her.

you didn

At the same time, there were many who weren’t aware of the joke and told him to take the picture down. It got to the point that Luqman himself had to step in and say that all it took was one look at the picture in his Twitter header. While this may be a joke that some took the wrong way, we are glad to know there are many people who respect privacy and courtesy!

A pretty cute way to fangirl over his own girlfriend, we think!

By: Celestine Foo