You Can Count On Hantu Pocong To Guard Your Kebun!

If you’re a farmer and found that your fruits have been stolen, why not employ a few hantu pocongs to help chase people away? 

you can count on hantu pocong to guard your kebun!Photo via Harian Metro / Wikipedia

A 61-year-old Malaysian farmer from Johor, Rosman Budiman, found a new way to scare away those who try to steal his fruits - by having a hantu pocong guard his kebun and it only costs him RM8! 

Harian Metro reported that he has been dealing with thieves stealing durians from his orchard, so he decided to build fake pocongs using cardboards and white cloths. 

Kinda like a scarecrow, but for humans. What a great idea!

...and of course, the location to place the pocong matters too, and he even went above and beyond by burning incense to make it look real.

“I sometimes would scare myself when I got to collect my own durians in the middle of the night due to the chills because of the gharuwood scent,” he said. 

This is awesome! We would want to see the fake pocongs in action, but we’re afraid we’d be too scared! 

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat