Wow, These Newlyweds Gave Out 2,000 Face Masks For Free!

A wedding can be the most significant event in your life, but for this couple, the well-being of others were far more important!

In wake of the Covid-19 crisis, these newlyweds have took the initiative to distribute more than 2,000 face masks to their wedding guests in Kampung Tebing Tinggi, Kubang Kerian, Kota Bharu yesterday!

wow, these newlyweds gave out 2,000 face masks for free!Photo: Harian Metro

Farkhan Mohamad, 26, and his wife, Nur Tasnim Mohd Rozi, 26, both work for the Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH). Nur Tasnim is a nurse in the Paediatric Department at the Kuala Lumpur Hospital (HKL), while her husband is an Assistant Medical Officer at a health clinic in Bera, Pahang.

Nur Tasnim told Harian Metro that she and her husband planned to give out the face masks to their guests as a precautionary measure.

"My husband and I plan to distribute the facemasks and provide information on the Covid-19 virus."

Nur Tasnim who donned a beautiful pink bridal gown during her wedding said that the demand for the product has been increasing as of late, which made them decide to distribute it for free.

“We want to make our guests happy. That’s why we gave the facemasks for free at our wedding:”

"We both work in the health industry. This makes us more cautious and passionate in making sure that the public is protected against the Covid-19," she said.

We’re completely in awe of these newlyweds for being so thoughtful! Hopefully more people will take after their kindness and generosity.

By: Siti Farhana Sheikh Yahya