Would You Pay For A RM460 Burger?

When is it appropriate to go dutch, to split the bill evenly or to treat someone else to the meal?

This matter is now the centre of attention for the netizens of Malaysia following a birthday dinner at a luxury hotel in Kuala Lumpur that went viral on Facebook on 6th October 2020

would you pay for a rm460 burger?Photo via: Hype

There are four main characters in this drama, the offending burger, the poor man who attended the dinner, the birthday girl and her friend. 

This is how the story goes, according to a 7-part Facebook post compilation, the birthday girl had invited said man to her birthday dinner. They were flirting via text but he was reluctant to attend the birthday dinner as they had never met. Upon her insistence, he finally agreed to go. At the lavish dinner party the man had ordered a single burger and a drink. His meal cost less than RM100. 

This was the burger that he had ordered.

Stay safe! Enjoy Horizon Grill's now famous Angus Burger in the comfort of your own home, priced at MYR460? NO, it has...

Posted by Banyan Tree Kuala Lumpur on Tuesday, October 6, 2020

In contrast, the birthday girl and her friends were unrestrained and racked up a total bill of RM3679 for the meal. 

would you pay for a rm460 burger?

Not only was the man made to pay an equal share of the bill, totalling up to RM460, he was also pressured by the birthday girl’s friend to pay on behalf of the birthday girl. The reasoning being that he was supposedly ‘romantically interested’ in the birthday girl. 

This is where the drama really started. 

would you pay for a rm460 burger?

Following his refusal to pay a whopping RM920 for the meal, the birthday girl’s friend took to Facebook to publicly shame the man for “being stingy.” However, the Facebook post backfired as the situation turned against her. 

Long story short, following the heavy public backlash against the two girls, the man stood up and called for a cyberbullying ceasefire. 

would you pay for a rm460 burger?

He reasoned that this was a small matter and that the girls had apologised to him. The birthday girl’s friend had also taken to Facebook to apologise for her actions. 

For anyone wondering, a kind netizen on Twitter did the math for us and found the true winner of the entire situation. 

Brands across Malaysia have also taken this opportunity to be a part of the conversation. Some brands created better value deals for RM460 whilst others gave advice. Here are some examples:

1. GSC Cinemas 

Hello. You don't even need to pay RM460 to own an entire hall. For bookings, e-mail marketing@gsc.com.my!

Posted by GSC on Tuesday, October 6, 2020

However, even though you are renting the entire hall, GSC Cinemas is still strongly committed to enforcing the proper SOPs. 

would you pay for a rm460 burger?

2. Llao llao


With RM460, belanja her whole family also can! #myllaollao #livelovellaollao #RM460

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3. Top Glove

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Posted by Top Glove Corporation Bhd on Wednesday, October 7, 2020

On the other hand, the hotel recognised the demand for a truly luxurious burger among netizens. Thus, they have taken it upon themselves to give netizens what they want, a burger worth RM460. 

Your wish is our command. Here comes The Real 460 Golden Burger! 🍔 Swing by Horizon Grill and taste the most exclusive...

Posted by Banyan Tree Kuala Lumpur on Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Unlike the original, this creation is a luxurious meal. The ingredient list includes a “truffle flavoured bun layered in 24K gold leaves, house made minced double Wagyu beef patty, foie gras, veal bacon.” 

Our advice? Tapao the 24K gold leaves. We don’t think you’d be able to digest them anyways. 

By: Catalina Hubbard