World’s Tallest Tropical Tree Found In Malaysia!

Main image via Live Science

A team of scientists recently found what they believe to be the tallest tropical tree in the world!

world’s tallest tropical tree found in malaysia! Image via Sci-News

Believed to be the tallest flowering plant as well, it measures over 100.8 meters. For now, the tree found in the rainforests of Sabah has been given the nickname “Menara”. Scientists estimate the weight of it to be around 81,500 kilograms, heavier than the maximum takeoff weight of an aircraft. 

Previously, the tallest trees found were all from the same species, yellow meranti (Shorea Faguetiana), which is considered endangered. They were all found in Sabah as well. The first one was 288 feet tall and the next one 308.7 feet. 

Menara was first spotted by researchers from the University of Nottingham and then later in 2018, by researchers from Oxford University and South East Asia Rainforest Research Partnership (SEARRP). They trekked into the rainforest to get high resolution 3D scans of the tree. 

Unding Jami, a Malaysian working with the team climbed the tree to measure its height using a tape measure, and it stood 100.8 metres (330.7 feet) tall. 
Unding recalled the climb to be a challenging one, but the view from the top made it all worthwhile. 

If you’re now thinking of climbing the tree, please don’t. It’s dangerous! So let’s just admire these photos. 

world’s tallest tropical tree found in malaysia!Image via Sci-News

world’s tallest tropical tree found in malaysia!Image via Live Science

By Piravina Ragunathan

Info via Mashable