How Kind! M’sian Man Who Owns Car Workshop Is Offering To Fix Flood Victims’ Cars For Free

This is so kind! 

A man who owns a car workshop has offered to fix cars that have been submerged in floodwaters for free!

The owner, Mohammad Naim said that he decided to help so that he could help ease the burden of flood victims who have to bear the loss and damages, “I want to try and fix the cars that have been affected by the flood.”

“I will help for free as much as I can. The important thing is to get the engine started again so that the owner can use it,” he told reporters.

how kind! m’sian man who owns car workshop is offering to fix flood victims’ cars for freePhoto via Astro AWANI

According to BERNAMA, he also advised car owners whose cars have been affected by the flood to not start their engines first, “Call me and I will come to your place. I will look at your car and try to fix it until the engine starts again.”

He added that he could probably fix up to 10 cars a day, depending on the damage.

He also said that he could help wash and clean the car, and change some of the oils for free which could have cost the car owner about RM200, “I will not charge anything. I am doing it for free,” he said.

This is amazing! Thank you so much for your kindness, Naim!