Woman Leaves Harsh Words To Delivery Rider On Her Package, Apologises After Photo Went Viral!

Delivery riders are an essential part of our modern world, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic has shifted much of our shopping online…

They brave all kinds of weather and work tirelessly to ensure our packages reach us safely at our doorstep. Despite their efforts, their work often goes unappreciated, and some people even treat them rudely.

woman leaves harsh words to delivery rider on her package, apologises after photo went viral!Photo via Facebook

Recently, a viral image on social media brought attention to this issue. It showed a package with a hurtful message left by the recipient alongside her address. The message read, "Follow the Maps application. If you're too s***** to read the Maps, then don't be a rider." This harsh comment gained major criticism online, and many spoke out against the recipient's behavior.

After the debate on social media, the woman behind the message eventually apologized. She explained that she was emotional when typing the address and that she had been frustrated with delivery riders who repeatedly delivered packages to the wrong address. Despite her mother being home, sometimes the packages would not reach them. Her repeated negative experiences had led her to include the hurtful message.

In her apology, the woman extended her regrets to all delivery riders and hoped that the public would forgive her for her earlier message. She also sought to make amends by reaching out to a delivery rider she had been following on Facebook to help her pass the message of her apology. Her message shows that everyone makes mistakes, and it's important to learn from them and strive to be better.

After the incident, some internet users took it upon themselves to edit her address on Google Maps, adding insulting comments. However, even though the woman was at fault for her earlier message, it's not acceptable for anyone to change the name of her address online.

This behavior only perpetuates the cycle of negativity and does not help resolve the issue at hand.

woman leaves harsh words to delivery rider on her package, apologises after photo went viral!Photo via Facebook

Moving forward, we can all learn from this incident and appreciate the hard work of delivery riders who ensure that our packages reach us safely and on time. We should strive to treat them with respect and kindness, just as we would any other essential worker. 

Let's use this as an opportunity to create a more positive and supportive environment for those who work hard to make our lives easier.