“Please Call Him” Woman In Indonesia Wakes Up From Anaesthesia Asking Her Husband To Get BTS' Jungkook

Get ready to smile because a hilarious and heartwarming story is making its way around the internet. Imagine waking up after surgery with one big mission in mind: finding Jungkook from BTS, the famous Korean boy group! 

In a video that has recently gone viral on TikTok, a woman in Indonesia was slowly waking up from surgery, feeling a bit confused, yet determined... Her ultimate goal? To track down Jungkook, her all-time favourite Korean celebrity crush. 

“please call him” woman in indonesia wakes up from anaesthesia asking her husband to get bts' jungkookPhoto via TikTok (@juniorlatuheru2)

The effects of the surgery's medicine might have played a trick on her mind, making her believe she had an important mission to fulfil…

In a semi-awake state, she asked her husband if he could help get Jungkook. With a little confusion mixed with excitement, she asked, "Where am I?"

Calmly, her husband replied, "We're at the hospital," trying hard to suppress his laughter.

She then persistently asked her husband if he could give Jungkook a call. In fact, she went a step further and requested him to dial up the entire BTS group – an unexpected but funny move!

With sincerity in her voice, she pleaded, "Can you please call Jungkook?"

Her husband took it all in stride, responding playfully, "Jungkook? Is he a friend of yours? I don't have his number," while secretly recording the amusing interaction.

Undeterred by her husband's response, she pressed on, determined to stay on her quest to connect with Jungkook. "Come on, just call Jungkook," she urged, her hospital surroundings unable to dampen her spirit.

Teasingly, her husband replied, "Jungkook who? I don't know him. Never met him," finding the whole situation quite comical.

But the woman persisted, "No, really, call Jungkook.”

With a gentle smile, her husband admitted, "I'm sorry, I can't. I don't have Jungkook's number."

And then, adding another layer of amusement to the story, she wondered if Jungkook might be doing a live video. "Is Jungkook doing his live right now?" she asked, a glimmer of hope in her voice.

Her husband chuckled, responding, "I don't know. I'm not part of his fan club. I don't know when he goes live," thoroughly enjoying this entertaining escapade.

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Her husband continued to play along, responding to all her requests with a laugh, "I wish I could get him for you, but I don't have Jungkook's phone number."

People really DO say the funniest things after surgery, huh? This must be due to the medication's effects!

We hope she gets to meet Jungkook one day!