Woman in Selangor Locked Out of House, Hires Crane to Lift Her Up to Her Balcony

A Malaysian woman, Tammy Ng from Gombak, Selangor, found a creative and amusing solution to being locked out of her apartment. 

woman in selangor locked out of house, hires crane to lift her up to her balconyPhoto via Facebook (Tammy Kin Nee)

Facing a malfunctioning electronic lock with the master key inside, Tammy ingeniously hired a crane to lift her four stories high to her balcony, as showcased in a video she shared on Facebook.

Tammy initially considered hiring a locksmith but was discouraged by the potential cost and the need to break down the door. 

According to the 40-year-old getai artist, the estimated expense for breaking the door down would have been around RM800, with an additional RM3,000 needed for door replacement and a new electronic lock.

While contemplating her options, Tammy drew inspiration from observing workers using a crane to trim trees near her home. Seeing the crane rental as an affordable solution at RM500, she decided to take a unique approach to resolve her locked-out situation.

The video captures Tammy standing on the crane as it slowly lifts her to her balcony. With careful precision, she climbs over the railing and enters her apartment through the balcony's unlocked doors.

2024年应该我最牛逼了😂😂😂 电子锁不能开,专家说要破门 我跟他说不用,我找吊车吊我进去屋里 😂😂😂😂 #第一次坐吊车 #很爽一下 #改天就这样就这样回家

Posted by Tammy Kin Nee on Saturday, 20 January 2024

The four-minute video quickly gained traction on social media, amassing over 130,000 views and 3,000 likes. Netizens praised Tammy for her inventive, cost-effective, albeit slightly unconventional, solution to her predicament. 

The incident highlights the resourcefulness and humour of Malaysians in dealing with unexpected challenges.