Amusing! Lazy Cat Refuses to Walk; Owner Uses Net to Bring It Back Home

So, imagine taking your pet cat, Kutip, for a walk, thinking it's just a chill outdoor moment... 

But Kutip has other plans – he's decided home is overrated, and he's on a mission to stay out.

amusing! lazy cat refuses to walk; owner uses net to bring it back homePhoto via TikTok (@melhikari)

In this viral video from TikTok user @melhikari, we see Kutip's family come up with a genius plan to bring him back. Armed with a net that rivals a butterfly catcher's gear, Kutip's mom sneaks up on him while he's chilling on a neighbour's porch. 

She is then seen gently throwing the net over him, picks him up, and walks him back home.

And get this – Kutip is totally okay with it. He just lounges in the net like he's the king of the neighbourhood, not bothered at all.

People on TikTok couldn't help but laugh at the clever cat-catching move. One person even jokes, "Can I use this on my mom when she's out shopping?" It looks like Kutip's net-catching strategy might be the next big thing, not just for cats but maybe for dealing with tricky moms too.

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In a world where things can get a bit serious, Kutip and his net adventure bring some much-needed laughs. 

Who knew a cat's stubbornness could turn a simple walk into a hilarious show? Sometimes, all you need is a net and a cool cat to make life a bit more amusing.