M’sian Woman Express Her Frustrations Because Her Siblings Keep Asking To Borrow Money

Would you lend money to your siblings if you were clearly taken advantage of? 

Facebook user, Azizul recently shared a story that he came across of a woman who had concerns of being the oldest child.

m’sian woman express her frustrations because her siblings keep asking to borrow moneyPhoto via Pond5

In her post, she said: “I grew up with a few siblings and I am the eldest. With the exception of my youngest sibling who is still enrolled in IPT, they are all currently employed.

“However, I’ve come to understand that my siblings, my brothers especially, would constantly ask me to lend them money. I occasionally had to reduce my own spending just to be able to lend them money,” she said. 

She explained that while she doesn't mind giving them a small loan, their lifestyle doesn't match their income. She mentioned that the current pay for her brothers is only based on the number of days they put in work. 

“They don't get paid if they don't work on a specific day,” she added, which has worried their mother.

"I tried looking for jobs for them, but every time I found something that would work, they would turn it down because they said they didn't want to work for anyone. I'm grateful for what I have and for the chance to support my siblings, which God has given me.

"But it doesn't sit right with me when I see them not wanting to better themselves. Thankfully, I'm still single, but occasionally I can't help but feel like God is postponing my jodoh because I need to support my siblings," she continued.

She then expressed her sense of loss in her final statement, not knowing whether to stop giving them loans. She believes that if she doesn't continue to lend a hand, God will punish her by depriving her of her opportunities.


Posted by Azizul Azli Ahmad on Tuesday, 15 November 2022

Following the post, Malaysians took to the comment section to advise the woman saying that, “If you love your brothers, you should teach them how to be independent.”

What do you guys think of this?

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat