“Thought It Was Bones!” Woman Shocked To Find 10 Pieces Of Staples In Her Nasi Kerabu

A woman recently revealed on Facebook how she found ten staples in her nasi kerabu that she bought from a stall.

Not only did she find the staples in her food, but she also almost swallowed them!

“thought it was bones!” woman shocked to find 10 pieces of staples in her nasi kerabuPhoto via Facebook (Fizah Fifi)

She explained that the food was ordered through a delivery app and thought that she was chewing on bones, but as it turns out, it was actually staples. And there were 10 pieces of them as well! 

The woman then proceeded to call the food delivery company to inform them about the staples. 

“I almost ate one of the staples, and when I went through my food, I found nine others,” she wrote.

Looking at the comment sections, most people were uncomfortable and described the use of staples for food packaging is very dangerous and irresponsible. 

Some have even stated that this is why it’s important for traders to attend a food preparation course to know what can and cannot be done. 

Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia (KKM) mengambil maklum mengenai isu penggunaan paku bagi membungkus makanan yang telah...

Posted by Noor Hisham Abdullah on Monday, 3 January 2022

In a statement released by Health director-general Tan Sri Dr. Noor Hisham Abdullah in January last year said any trader who uses nails, staples or similar items that are dangerous in their packaging can be prosecuted in court.

He added that if convicted, they face a maximum fine of RM10,000, a jail term of up to two years, or both. 

Take note, vendors! Using staples and nails in your food packaging are very dangerous!