Woman's Detailed Requests for Nasi Goreng Take the Spotlight in Viral Delivery Order

Ever wondered how many special requests are too many when ordering food through a delivery platform? 

Well, a viral image on social media brings this question to light as a woman takes advantage of the additional request section, providing an extensive list of dos and don'ts for a seemingly simple plate of fried rice.

woman's detailed requests for nasi goreng take the spotlight in viral delivery order

Photo via Facebook (Oh! Media)

The image, shared by Oh! Media on Facebook, showcases an order made to an undisclosed restaurant. However, what captured attention wasn't the dish itself but the detailed instructions accompanying the order. The customer went to great lengths, instructing the restaurant to start by washing the wok and using only fresh oil in the preparation of the fried rice.

But the list didn't stop there. The customer specified that the fried rice should be devoid of vegetables, chicken, squid, prawns, egg, soy sauce, or belacan. Instead, she desired a concoction cooked solely with garlic, onions, bird-eye chilis, salt, and sugar. To top it off, she requested an extra spicy kick, concluding with an apology and an explanation that her specific requests were due to her recent childbirth and current confinement period.

The post quickly went viral, prompting netizens to share their opinions. The general sentiment leans toward the view that her requests were excessive and unnecessary. Some even humorously suggested that she might as well be eating plain rice. 

Furthermore, questions arose about the compatibility of her spicy preferences and iced tea consumption with the typical dietary restrictions recommended for new mothers during the postpartum period.

Kalau macam ni baik buat sendiri kak oii😌 #ohmedia

Posted by Oh! Media on Friday, 10 November 2023

What are your thoughts on this? Do you believe the woman's requests were justified or a bit too much? Share your perspective in the comments below!