Woman’s Handbag Stolen While She Was “Doing Her Business” At Public Toilet In Penang

You can’t even go to the toilet in peace now!

In a post that was shared on Kedah Kini’s Facebook page, a man stopped at a petrol station after the Juru toll plaza in Penang because his wife needed to use the bathroom.

woman’s handbag stolen while she was “doing her business” at public toilet in penangPhoto via Facebook (Kedah Kini)

His wife entered the public bathroom bringing her handbag and went into the last cubicle since the others were already occupied. 

It was believed that she left her handbag on an empty elevated space behind her, while she was “doing her business” when a thief quickly grabbed her handbag and fled! And since she was using the toilet, she couldn’t leave because it would have taken her time to clean up.

Unfortunately, his wife wasn't able to identify the thief’s gender and the lack of surveillance cameras outside the toilet and in the surrounding area made it impossible to locate and identify the perpetrator.

The incident is believed to have happened last Saturday (26 October) at around 12:30 AM.

Assalammualaikum.. 26/10/2022 haritu saya dan wife ada ke penang sat.. pusing punya pusing nak gerak balik tu kami...

Posted by Kedah Kini on Saturday, 29 October 2022

A police report was made though it seems impossible to recover the stolen items due to lack of evidence, the man still took to Facebook to share the incident, in hopes that the public would be more aware of their surroundings. 

How unusual! However, we’re glad that the woman is okay!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat