Netizens Shocked To Find Out That Woman “Pays” RM500 Monthly To BF, While Mother Receives RM50

When a relationship requires a "monthly payment" to maintain it, it's crucial to reassess the direction of that relationship…

Recently, a Twitter user shared a screenshot of a TikTok video where a woman opened up about her financial situation within her relationship. The woman, from Malaysia, earns a monthly income of RM2,000, which, if managed wisely, should be sufficient to support herself, even while being in a relationship.

netizens shocked to find out that woman “pays” rm500 monthly to bf, while mother receives rm50Photo via Twitter (@AbudiAlsagoff)

However, every month, her first action is to give her boyfriend RM500. It's important to note that this money is not owed to him; rather, it is a payment to keep him in the relationship. The woman admits, "I'm afraid he'll leave me if I don't give him RM500 every month."

On top of that, she has a car loan that equals the amount her boyfriend receives, leaving her with only RM1,000. But her financial obligations don't end there. Her boyfriend also took out a personal loan in her name, which adds an additional RM400 to her monthly expenses.

Sadly, the woman's mother only receives RM50 per month, leaving her with a mere RM550 for the rest of the month, which she uses to cover her own meals. Despite her financial struggles, she expresses gratitude for her understanding mother, who never complains about her financial condition.

Furthermore, the woman finds herself burdened with additional expenses when dating her boyfriend. Sometimes, she even ends up paying for his meals when they dine out.

This story prompted an outpouring of concern from netizens who were shocked by what they read. Many urged the woman to break free from this toxic relationship. One netizen pointed out the lack of a father figure in her life, suggesting it may have contributed to her insecurities.

It is clear that the financial dynamics within this relationship are deeply imbalanced and unhealthy. Netizens emphasized that it is essential to be cautious with personal finances and not let anyone take advantage of one's generosity.

In conclusion, when a relationship becomes transactional or financially exploitative, it's vital to reassess its worth. Healthy relationships should be built on trust, equality, and mutual support. 

Financial exploitation is a clear red flag that the relationship may not be sustainable or fulfilling in the long run.

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