A Generous Gesture Leaves M'sian Woman Stunned as Car Behind Places RM200 Food Order at Drive-Thru!

Purchasing food has been made more convenient with services such as drive-thru!

a generous gesture leaves m'sian woman stunned as car behind places rm200 food order at drive-thru!Photo via TikTok (@edeaqniko)

Gone are the days of queuing up to order your meal; now you can simply utilize this service. However, such services are typically found in fast-food establishments.

But have you ever had the experience of having your meal paid for by the car in front of you? If you have, it must have been a delightful surprise. Their generosity was truly heartwarming!

A woman had just such an experience when ordering food at a drive-thru, but things took an unexpected turn…

In the video, the woman can be seen attempting to pay for her order after placing it.

However, the cashier informs her that the car in front of her has already covered the cost of her meal. This situation left her pleasantly surprised.

In response, she decided to pay for the meal of the car behind her. However, what tugged at the heartstrings was her reaction upon hearing the total amount for the order placed by the car behind her, which amounted to RM200.

It was later revealed that this was all just a playful act.

"If it is me, I’ll have to think about it… ten times! I will hesitate at first, but it's all right, it's a form of charity," commented a netizen.


Apa la orng ni makan..🤣🤣🤣🤣

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Meanwhile, a glance at the comments section reveals that other internet users also found the video entertaining and shared their reactions.

At the time of writing this article, the video had garnered 1.8 million views, 87.8K likes, and 1,449 comments on TikTok.