Woman Got Married During MCO, Finds Out Husband Has Been Stealing & Selling Her Things

For some, marriage signified the end of all struggles in the search for true love - or a happy ending. But unfortunately for this new bride, her marriage turned out to be a nightmare!

A woman recently shared her aunty’s wedding horror story anonymously to a Twitter page known as @twtmalaywedding, where individuals could share their personal wedding stories. 

woman got married during mco, finds out husband has been stealing & selling her thingsPhoto via iStock

In the tweet, the woman explained that she has a strong relationship with her aunt due to their small age difference, and recently her aunt married a man during the MCO, sometime in 2021. 

Apparently, the man was her aunt’s classmate in school, but they weren’t initially close friends, according to the woman. 

Due to the implementation of the movement control order (MCO) at that time, the woman was unable to attend her aunt’s wedding, however, through the photos that her mother had shown her, she noticed something weird about the guy…

She noticed that the groom had never shown his entire face in the photos, either turning to the side or hiding behind the bride’s hand. Hmm, that is weird!

She wrote: “Better be alert! It’s very suspicious when someone keeps on trying to hide their faces from sight, it’s like they want to get away from something.”

Just months after the wedding, the man started showing a different side of himself, “He held on to my aunty’s credit card and badmouthed my aunt to their neighbours.”

Even worse, sold her aunt’s car, took a loan using her name, pawned all her jewellery, and stole all of her savings. It got so bad that her aunt’s account was showing negative figures. Alamak, kesian nya!

Not only that but he even lied about his job and said that he is a lawyer who manages a security firm, and even confessed that her aunt was not his first victim. How scary!

Though her aunt is not physically hurt, she is traumatized and is currently going to therapy as she is suffering from depression. 

We’re glad that she is seeking help and not going through it alone. We wish her well!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat