Woman Married 300-Year-Old “Pirate Ghost” And Later Divorced Him Via Exorcism

Irish woman Amanda Teague made headlines after marrying a 300-year-old pirate ghost in 2016, and divorced him via an exorcism after she claimed he became an “energy vampire.”

She revealed that she has divorced her ghost husband using exorcism.

woman married 300-year-old “pirate ghost” and later divorced him via exorcismPhoto via NBC4

Teague, who appeared on the British talk show This Morning recounts her unusual relationship with Jack, a ghost of a pirate from the 1700s and it’s ultimate demise. 

She explained that she began to explore spirituality in 2010 after her son died in hopes of finding a “link to the other side”. That sounds scary…

According to Irish Central, Teague said that she never encountered Jack physically, but instead knew him through feelings of “energy.”

When asked about how she deals with the public who saw her as “mad” for her beliefs, Teague asserts that it’s no different from people who go to get tarot card readings or people who believe in some sort of God that cannot be seen. 

She said that hers and Jack’s relationship was “intimate” as opposed to “physical”

woman married 300-year-old “pirate ghost” and later divorced him via exorcismPhoto via Daily Mail

Teague also reveals the first time she noticed anything wrong with her relationship was a few months after their marriage.

“Things happen, you can’t blame everything on the paranormal. But I also knew about spiritual attachments and possessions,” she said. 

She consulted with other people about her issues, but they assured her everything was fine. However, she says that her issues continually grew worse, eventually putting her into the hospital with a near-fatal bout of sepsis that required an emergency surgery in 2018.

Teague believes her ex-husband Jack was the root of the problems: “He was basically like an energy vampire.

“When spirits stay around too long, they need an energy source and unfortunately Jack was using me as an energy source. He has never accepted his own death so he wanted to continue living through me,” she said. 

It took her awhile to realise but in the end, after a lot of red flags, she figured out that Jack was intentionally trying to harm her.

Teague ended up having an exorcism in December 2018.

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat