M’sian Woman Shares Her Frustration After Losing Money From Her Bank Account Following 11.11 Sale

A Malaysian recently shared her frustrations after learning that the money in her bank account had been stolen.

"If you look at the caption of my photo, you'll see that yes, my money was taken, and I now only have less than RM10. I only have this one bank account, and there is nothing inside.

m’sian woman shares her frustration after losing money from her bank account following 11.11 salePhoto via The Straits Times

Joyce mentioned that her husband had recently expressed interest in buying an electric shaver, so she has decided to buy him one during the 11.11 sale on November 11. She said that every time she makes a purchase, all she needs to do is enter her debit card number to complete the transaction.

She made several attempts, but nothing worked. She switched to a different payment method, believing it might just be a platform issue, and it processed right away. 

However, she was shocked to discover that her account balance was only RM1.82 the following day when she checked her account, "When I learned about it, I went to the bank, and the staff told me there were a few similar cases that occurred on the same date (11 November). 

“I'm fortunate that the team I was assigned to was watchful and thorough,” she continued.

She said that judging by the way the staff was acting, they felt helpless because there isn't much they can do to assist.

"I knew I had come across a situation where there was nothing anyone could do. I overheard the girl talking in the seat next to me. She mentioned that she had lost more than RM60,000 and that she was having the same problem," she said.

《我的銀行戶口被清空了…》 看到這張照片和這個標題, 是的,我唯一的銀行戶口被黑客清光光了 如今的我,全身上下不到RM10🥲 事情的發生是這樣的, 我老公看中了一台剃鬚刀, 網上看了看,發現shopee在雙11的時候有offer, 就在...

Posted by Joyce YiHan on Tuesday, 15 November 2022

This is so scary! We need to be more vigilant as thefts from personal accounts have become more common.

Be aware, and protect your money by using different passwords for each of your accounts!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat