Woman Involved In Mean Prank Received The Last Laugh

Earlier, Joann Wong, who owns a burger business, was pranked by a fake customer who pretended to be from popular comedy YouTube channel, JinnyboyTV. Well, let’s see who gets the last laugh as Wong’s burgers are now selling like hotcakes!

women involved in mean prank received the last laughPhoto: Facebook Sherly Yu

The incident was earlier shared by Wong’s friend,  Sherly Yu, who went on Facebook, outraged over the mean prank that befell onto her friend.

Yu shared screenshots of a WhatsApp exchange between Wong and one Grace Lim, who asked for 20 burgers worth RM140 to be delivered to Old Klang Road.

Wong did not accept any payment before making the delivery as Lim claimed that she did not know how to use online banking and asked if she could pay in cash. Wong agreed as she assumed the customer was a senior citizen who was not tech-savvy.

As Wong arrived at the drop-off location where they were supposed to meet, Lim was nowhere to be found. She was later told that it was all a mean prank and that Wong can eat all the burgers herself. Wong ended up giving away some of the meals to an orphanage.

According to Malay Mail, Yu was outraged over what happened to her friend and urged Wong to share her story on Facebook. Wong was embarrassed over what happened and afraid that she will be laughed at. Yu also revealed that it was Wong’s first time running a home business after she was put out of work due to the Movement Control Order (MCO)

Ever since, the incident, the owners of JinnyboyTV had come forward to clarify that they played no part in the cruel prank after receiving several messages regarding the issue. They also promoted Wong’s business on their Facebook page to lend her a helping hand.

“These are people who don't know who we are and what we do, I don't blame them.”

“The answer is no, we don't do pranks, our followers for the last nine years will know what we do and how we always take into account our actions and things we produce.”

“But, what I personally take away from this is that some people are bloody idiots, and there are some people trying to do what they can to make ends meet during these trying times, so if you're ever craving some homemade burgers do consider supporting this lady. I already did,” JinnyboyTV wrote.

In a follow-up post on Sunday, April 26, Yu said that Wong was grateful to have received a lot of support and that her business is doing well with many orders coming in now, especially from those who came to know what happened to her.

We hope this story serves as a reminder to everyone to be nice to one another!

By: Siti Farhana Sheikh Yahya