Woman Rants About Her In-Laws Spending The Night Uninvitedly, Malaysians Can Relate!

A Malaysian woman recently asked for advice from Twitter users about her in-laws. She shared anonymously on the Twitter page Emosi that she was stuck when it came to her in-laws dropping by her house without informing her or her husband first.

woman rants about her in-laws spending the night uninvitedly, malaysians can relate!Photo via Alamy

“Imagine this, you are at work and suddenly your in-laws call you to tell you that they are on their way to your house. Are you not annoyed?” she wrote.

She then added that her in-laws would show up in a big group and then would later decide on the spur of the moment to stay the night without telling her or her husband first.

The woman said that she has brought up the issue with her husband many times but to no avail.

The tweet has since garnered over 2,299 retweets at the time of writing. Many took to the comment section to share how they, too, could relate to her situation.

“As wives, we understand the anxiety when unexpected guests arrive. We need time to clean the house, to shower, and sometimes we don’t even have anything ready to serve the guest. Please, at least, give us a heads up!”

What do you guys think?

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat