Woman Gives Food Stall Cooking Oil She Just Bought, Just So They Could Cook For Her

In a TikTok video that recently went viral, a woman is seen bringing her own cooking oil to a food stall as the stall had run out of cooking oil.

According to the 37-seconds video, the woman wanted to order food, however, the waiter had to deny her order since they run out of cooking oil. 

woman gives food stall cooking oil she just bought, just so they could cook for herPhoto via TikTok (@iskandarzamuel)

The woman’s son, shared the video of his mother pushing her shopping cart to the food stall, which was located in a shopping mall, and grabbing a bottle of cooking oil that she just bought from a nearby grocery store. 

She then walked back to the food stall and placed her order, with the cooking oil in hand.

The woman is then seen smiling smugly, proud of herself when receiving her order which was a plate of fried rice and eggs. “We were a little embarrassed but what can we do when it comes to mothers, right?” her son Iskandar wrote in the caption. 

Netizens were amused and the video has since gained over 289.5 thousand views and 25.3 thousand likes.

“Do you get a discount since you provided them with the cooking oil?” asked one person. 

LOL, that’s a pretty good question. 


Kita pulak yang malu aih, mmg no excuse ye dengan mak mak 😆

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Would you guys do this too?

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat