Woman Finds Pieces Of Glass In Her Drink That She Bought From Roadside Stall

Vendors, please remember that food safety should be one of your TOP priorities! 

Food safety is very important to protect consumers of food products from foodborne diseases or injuries related to food consumption. 

A woman recently found glass shards in her and her children’s drinks that she bought from a roadside stall.

woman finds pieces of glass in her drink that she bought from roadside stallPhoto via Facebook (Syaa Sabri II)

The woman, Syaa Sabri who is also a mother took to Facebook to warn others to be cautious when purchasing food from roadside stalls saying that she had bought some food and orange juice from a stall near her children’s school.

While she was drinking the orange juice, she realized that the “ice” wasn’t melting, “After I finished my drink, I noticed that the ice in the cup had not melted and that the ice had weird shapes instead of the typical flat round shape.”

She then inspected the “ice” which turned out to be glass shards, and realized that she and her children had been consuming glass fragments because she thought it was simply ice. 

“The seller is extremely careless. I am so traumatized by this incident that I am now terrified of ice cubes. What about the other children at the school who bought from the same vendor?” she wrote.

“I can’t imagine how they might be suffering from something like internal bleeding as a result of this.”

She concluded her post by stating that she had taken her children to the doctor in case there were any glass shards that entered their bodies. 

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Posted by Syaa Sabri II on Tuesday, 17 January 2023

This is so dangerous!

Sharp objects, like glass or metal can injure the thin walls of the esophagus and cause bleeding or an infection in the mediastinum (a cavity in the middle of the chest, between the lungs). 

Even if the sharp objects make it through the esophagus, they can cause damage to other areas of the GI tract. So, please be careful!