Woman Plans To Listen To Coldplay From Outside The Stadium, Ends Up With Last-Minute Standing Tickets

It's been nearly a week since Coldplay's concert in KL, and we're still not over it!

The Coldplay concert at the Bukit Jalil National Stadium was a recent, lively affair.

woman plans to listen to coldplay from outside the stadium, ends up with last-minute standing ticketsPhoto via TikTok (@aqeelazz39)

More than 75,000 spectators attended to witness their favourite band perform for the first time in Malaysia after a 27-year wait.

However, many found themselves waiting outside the stadium, only able to hear Coldplay's songs live from there because they couldn't secure tickets.

Nevertheless, one woman shared a sweet memory when she was unexpectedly approached to buy last-minute tickets in the standing zone.

In a video posted by @aqeelazz39, it initially showed the woman resigned to not having a ticket, just sitting outside the stadium to listen to Coldplay's songs live.

"I went to the stadium at 8:30 am. My husband dropped me off on his motorcycle, resigned to the fact that we didn't have tickets. So, my intention was just to sit outside the stadium and listen.

When I arrived at the Coldplay stadium, they had already started singing. Suddenly, an uncle approached and offered standing zone tickets for half the price – it was truly a stroke of luck! I went in without having to wait in line," she said.

"What a beautiful unexpected moment, sis, you deserve this! So jealous!" - Netizen

@aqeelazz39 Pergi stadium pukul 8.30 husband hantar naik motor dengan redha tak ada tiket so memang niat duduk luar stadium je dengar. Bila sampai je stadium coldplay dah start menyanyi tiba2 ada pakcik approach jual Standing Zone for half price memang rezeki!! Terus masuk tak perlu beratur 🥹🥹 Thank you Coldplay for the amazing night! 💗 #coldplay #coldplayconcert #coldplaymalaysia #standingzone #musicofthespheresworldtour #stadiumbukitjalil #malaysia ♬ original sound - Ian Asher

Following the viral spread of the video, which has now garnered 119.1K views, 6.9K likes, and 119 shares on TikTok, most netizens also expressed joy for her unexpected stroke of luck.