M’sian Woman Eating Ice-Cream Cone Bothered By Stranger Who Creepily Stares At Her From His Car

Oh no, that must be so uncomfortable for her!

When you are a female driver on the road, there are certain added risks that you have to protect yourself from… So, if you’re a woman who drives alone, no matter if it’s at night or in the day, you need to take a few extra precautions.

m’sian woman eating ice-cream cone bothered by stranger who creepily stares at her from his carPhoto via TikTok (@flwrbloom3)

TikTok user, @flwrbloom3 shared a video of a terrifying encounter she had while traveling alone. 

She was in her car eating a sundae cone when a man in the car next to her allegedly started harassing her by creepily staring at her. 

“Just looking and staring is not the same! This old man has been following me and staring at me for the past 10 minutes,” she said. 

The video has since garnered over 673.3 thousand views at the time of writing.

@flwrbloom3 There is a difference between LOOKING and STARING! This creepy old man been following me and give me that look for almost 10 min #harassment #harassmentawareness ♬ Stand up - Zeda

Malaysians expressed sympathy for her and shared similar experiences in the comments section.

“So creepy! I’ve had this happen, but it was two people on a motorcycle,” one person said.

“Nobody is safe these days,” said another person. She explained that one time, she had someone approaching her as she was pumping gas and asking for her phone number. The stranger then added: “You’re alone, don’t be arrogant.”

Others said they had their car windows entirely tinted because of this exact reason. 

Aiyo, that is so dangerous. Please be careful when you’re alone, ladies!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat