Woman Shares Disappointment as Family Couldn't Board Cruise Due to Nearly Expired Passports

Travelling abroad is undoubtedly an exciting and exhilarating experience especially if we have the opportunity to visit a country we have long dreamed of!

Whether it's within the country or overseas, a vacation is indeed necessary for us to rest after the exhaustion of school or work. The most important thing when planning a trip abroad is, of course… the passport.

woman shares disappointment as family couldn't board cruise due to nearly expired passportsPhoto via TikTok (@azuraww_)

Recently, a video went viral showing a woman expressing her disappointment because her passport had been rejected due to its validity period being insufficient when she wanted to go on vacation. This incident has caught the attention of Malaysian netizens. 

In the video, the woman can be seen crying because her much-anticipated vacation was shattered upon arrival at the Port Klang Cruise Terminal in Pelabuhan Klang.

It is understood that she and her family rarely travel abroad. In fact, she chose to take a cruise ship because of her fear of flying.

According to her, her family, except for one daughter, was detained at the departure gate due to passport validity issues of less than 6 months. She also claimed that she was unaware of the passport procedure that requires renewal six months before leaving the country. 

She also mentioned that there was no briefing provided by the agency when boarding the ship, even after paying a ticket fee of RM5,000.

"By right the agency should remind their customers before departure" she said in her video.

As of the writing of this article, the video has since garnered over 309.5K views, 5,179 likes, and 1,715 comments on TikTok.

@azuraww_ I anxiety naik flight. Takut naik flight. Dah dapat chances nak kapal laut rasa seronok sgt. Dgn anak2 plak tu. I mmg dah plan this special for them. Tapi Allah tak izinkan. Yang dapat naik anak sulong i seorang. Kami berempat (saya, suami. Aishah dan amir) x dapat naik. Try call the pic tak angkat2. Cuma saya berharap duit saya dapat refund untuk saya naik cruise lain atau trip yg lain at least. #cruise #worldcruise #resortworldcruise #cruisemalaysia ♬ original sound - AZURAWW | FOUNDER AJNAA

Passports often have a 6-month validity rule for international travel to ensure that travellers have a valid passport for the entire duration of their trip and for any unexpected delays that might occur during their stay abroad. Here's why...

Entry Requirements: Many countries need your passport to be valid for 6 months beyond your entry date. This ensures you won't have problems if your stay gets longer.

Visa Process: Some countries require visas, which take time to get. 6 months' validity gives you enough time to apply and travel smoothly.

Handling Delays: Plans can change due to flights, health, etc. If your passport almost expired, it's harder to go back home or get help.

Consistency: The 6-month rule is simple and works for many countries, avoiding confusion.

No Overstays: A longer valid passport discourages staying beyond your planned time.

Emergencies: If you need to travel urgently, enough validity lets you do so without rush.

Remember, not all countries have this rule. Check entry needs for where you're going and advice from your government before you travel internationally.