Woman Complains About Another Car’s Parking, Criticised By Malaysians Instead

A Malaysian mother recently took to her social media account to complain about another car’s parking at a supermarket, which quickly went viral!

In the post, the woman wrote: “To the owner of the car, please check your car before leaving. I’m by myself with three kids, a baby, and a full grocery cart.”

However, many did not agree with the woman and  criticized her for making “such a trivial issue viral”

woman complains about another car’s parking, criticised by malaysians instead

One person commented: “Just put your kids in the car, move your car forward and then load your groceries to your heart’s content!”

While others agreed with the woman saying that: “Why not be considerate of other people? This way it’s hard for people to load their cars.”

Since the post had gone viral, the woman took to the comment section to respond to those who had criticized her: “I was alone without my husband, and I stated that I had a lot of stuff and a baby who was sleeping.

“Many of you just think negatively of people you don’t even know,” she said. 

Hmm, what do you guys think of this?

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat