Woman Calls Police After Boyfriend Ignores All Her Calls, Because She Forgot To Wish Him Happy Birthday

So, you’ve had a fight with your partner, and they are not picking up their phone or reply to any of your messages… how far would you go just to get their attention?

One woman from Chhindwara, India reportedly called the police just so that she could talk to her boyfriend! 

woman calls police after boyfriend ignores all her calls, because she forgot to wish him happy birthdayhoto Photo via India Times

According to Shiksha, chief superintendent of police, Motilal Kushwaha said that the woman had not wished her lover on his birthday which caused a massive rift between them. Arguments reached a point where the man stopped replying or answering the woman’s calls. 

In a desperate attempt to fix things, the woman took the biggest leap of faith, by calling the local emergency line and asking them for help. The police didn’t waste any time and contacted the boyfriend to come to the police station. 

When the man reached the police station, the police counselled the couple and even suggested that they get married. The police also roped in the family members who agreed on the suggestion, and it all ended happily as the couple actually got married to each other. 

We love a happy ending!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat