Woman Who Went Viral For Breaking Into The Merdeka 118 Apologizes To Malaysians

Russian extreme climber, Angela Nikolau apologised to Malaysians less than a day after revealing how she broke into the Merdeka 118 tower.

woman who went viral for breaking into the merdeka 118 apologizes to malaysiansPhoto via Twitter (Angela Nikolau)

Her apology came after a Twitter user listed several reasons why Malaysians are angry and don’t appreciate her breaking into the building, “I appreciate you making a thread about it and I apologise if I offended the feelings of Malaysians.

“That was never my intent,” adding that she did it as it is a form of art and was not interested in any type of conflict.

Just yesterday, Angela shared her “experience” in a lengthy Twitter thread of how she broke into the second-tallest building in the world, the Merdeka 118, a 118-storey tower located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. 

She said that she fell in love with the building instantly, “it was love at first sight” and even felt a ‘spiritual connection’ with it. 

But what actually angered Malaysians is the fact that she dressed up in a hijab as a disguise and to not get caught, “How are you so comfortable coming into someone else’s country, breaking the rules, dressing in a hijab and be proud of it?” one person asked. 

Angela was heavily criticized for her actions and was labeled as self-centered and irresponsible for “breaking the law” in the name of ‘art.’

What do you guys think of her apology?