Malaysian Woman Appalled by Unsanitary Soy Sauce Containers at Mamak Restaurant in Rawang

Mamak restaurants are a crucial aspect of Malaysia's culinary landscape, offering budget-friendly meals to satisfy hungry patrons. 

However, these eateries often raise questions about hygiene standards, with instances of uncleanliness surfacing, as recently highlighted by a woman's disturbing encounter involving soy sauce containers.

malaysian woman appalled by unsanitary soy sauce containers at mamak restaurant in rawangPhoto via Facebook (@Balan Pubalan 2)

In a series of Facebook videos shared by Balan Pubalan 2 on August 14, a woman unveiled the shocking state of several soy sauce containers. In the video, she could be seen running a finger along the rim of a container, leaving behind a dark substance that hinted at possible mold growth.

The woman soon realized that all the other containers suffered from the same unsanitary condition and decided to confront one of the restaurant's workers. When questioned about the soy sauce containers, the worker tried to downplay the matter, claiming that the containers were cleaned daily. 

However, when the woman insisted that he dip his finger into a container and smell it, the worker hesitated to comply.

The incident, as depicted in the videos, unfolded at a well-known mamak restaurant in Rawang.

Restoran Ali Maju Rawang Batu 16. Kicap Basih Dan Busuk.

Posted by Balan Pubalan 2 on Monday, 14 August 2023

Netizens expressed their repulsion over the dismal hygiene situation at the mamak restaurant and shared their opinions in the comments section. Some lamented that many mamak establishments neglect hygiene standards, advising others to avoid visiting them altogether. 

Another individual shared that they rarely patronized mamak restaurants, except for watching football matches, due to hearing about several cases of food contamination involving worms.

Some commended the woman for confronting the restaurant staff and encouraged her to file a report with the Ministry of Health (MOH).