Wild Elephant Caught On Camera “Invading” Military Ration Depot In Perak, Looking For Food

The poor elephant must be so hungry. Kesian betul! 

Pictures and videos of a wild elephant walking about Sri Banding Camp in Gerik, Perak, as it “invades” the army camp went viral on social media on Monday (February 14th).

wild elephant caught on camera “invading” military ration depot in perak, looking for foodPhoto via Facebook (Inforoadblock)

In the video, the elephant was seen rummaging for food in the Malaysian Armed Forces' military ration depot. It was reported that the elephant also damaged some equipment during the “invasion.”

Yusoff Shariff, Director of the Perak Department of Wildlife and National Parks (PERHILITAN), confirmed the incident of the sad animal looking around the camp and pushing its head into one of the structures.

According to BERNAMA, Yusoff said the cause could be the camp's defective electrical fence. 

Meanwhile, the Gerik PERHILITAN will aid and advise the camp in its repair efforts. He further warns that if people come into contact with the animal, they should not provoke it.

Yusoff went on to say that the elephant is thought to be the same one that was looking for food near Puncak Titiwangsa, Gerik, and that it is accustomed to humans and eating their leftover food.

Netizens on Facebook agreed that the elephant did not break into the camp because humans were the invaders.

"Is an animal invading?" Because of logging, it's trying to find food because there's no more food in the jungle," a person commented.

"Animals have never encroached on our territory." Another netizen stated, "It is humans who invade animal habitats."

Tular video gajah liar menceroboh cari makanan di Kem Sri Banding, Gerik, Perak #inforoadblock

Posted by Inforoadblock on Monday, February 14, 2022

Nonetheless, this isn't the first time something like this has occurred. Yusoff told Berita Harian that elephants have often trespassed the camp due to a lack of upkeep on the barriers that allow the elephants to enter.

A similar incident occurred at an army base in Tasik Banding in 2018, however the elephant died as a result of electrocution by the electric fence.

Hmm… What do you guys think?

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat