Why #JANNANICKGOINGTOJAILPARTY Is Trending On Malaysian Twitter

why #jannanickgoingtojailparty is trending on malaysian twitter
Local TV personality, Janna Nick is under fire on social media yet again, after making some insensitive comments about the K-pop music industry.
This, after a video from 2018 of her and fellow actress, Sharifah Sakinah appearing to mock the death of SHINee member Jonghyun at the time, resurfaced on social media.
This time around, Janna is getting plenty of backlash from netizens for allegedly insulting BLACKPINK’s Lisa.

why #jannanickgoingtojailparty is trending on malaysian twitter
In an Instagram post (which has since been removed), Janna allegedly mocked the group’s name while promoting her directed movie titled, “Delen”, by referring to one of the character’s names as "Lisa BLACKPIG".
Netizens are now on an all-out war on Twitter using #JANNANICKGOINGTOJAILPARTY, in hopes that fans will boycott her works for bringing Malaysia a bad name.
This particular incident has garnered so much attention that it’s understood that Malaysian students in Korea are getting shunned from locals there.
At the time of writing, the hashtag has already been used over 30,000 times!
Malaysian K-pop fans aren’t taking a liking to Janna’s views on the industry in general, as she has on several occasions compared it against the teachings of Islam, when the two topics have no correlation at all.
This also isn’t the first time she has connected two unrelated issues…
Back in January, Janna compared the unsolicited march of supporters of then-US President Donald Trump on the Capitol Building in Washington to that of The Purge movie franchise, and stressed why film restrictions and guidelines are needed, just as how Malaysia imposes them.
Guys, if you have nothing nice to say, it’s best not to say anything at all!

by Kyle Roshen Jacob