What Are We Going To Do With All These Cornflakes?!

It’s been 2 months of the Movement Control Order (MCO), so excuse all of us for acting a bit strange or making silly mistakes once in a while.

Recently, Twitter user, Narissa, shared a hilarious story of how her sister, Mia, ended up stocking enough cornflakes to feed the family till next year!

Mia was told to get a few items from the grocery store such as coconut milk, chillies, eggs and cornflakes, presumably in preparation for the Raya celebrations.

While all the items were carefully listed in the text message she received, the sender made the mistake of not including a full stop when she asked for 5 boxes of cornflakes…

what are we going to do with all these cornflakes?!

Photo: Twitter Narissa

Now, the family has 5 boxes of cornflakes instead of just one like they’re supposed to, all thanks to Mia!

what are we going to do with all these cornflakes?!Photo: Twitter Narissa

Narissa reported the funny incident to her family members on Whatsapp in which her mother replied, “What are we going to do with all these cornflakes?”

Her dad, however, was quick on his feet to diffuse tension by suggesting all the kuih cornflakes recipes the family could try to use up all the cornflakes at their disposal.

Mia’s little mishap went viral with more than 27,000 people retweeting Narissa’s tweet with netizens sharing a similar experience.

We hope the family will figure out what to do with all the cornflakes. In the meantime, hang in there Mia, we’ve all been there!

By: Siti Farhana Sheikh Yahya