Wedding In Indonesia Give Out “Free Swimming Session” As Door Gifts

This looks like a super fun wedding! 

wedding in indonesia give out “free swimming session” as door giftsPhoto via TikTok (@Ayou_05)

Newlywed couple from Indonesia took social media by storm when a video of their wedding went viral for giving their guests a swimming session as a wedding souvenir or “doorgift!” Very rare and unique, huh?

In the video, the guests can be seen shaking hands and greeting each other at the wedding ceremony, but then the camera quickly pan to the other guests who are enjoying a swim in the background. 

The viral TikTok video has since been viewed over 90,000 times! 

“The wedding gives away free swimming sessions as “‘door gifts,’” read the caption. 


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Not gonna lie, this is one wedding we’d be happy to attend! Looks fun!

By: Aishah Akashah Ahadiat