We Are So Proud Of Netizens Who Came Together To Help The Frontliners!

With the Movement Control Order being extended, our frontlines are putting in the extra hours just to keep Malaysians safe! Hence, it’s important for us to take care of them too!

In a video that had since gone viral across social media, a man was seen giving out a bunch of facemasks and hand sanitizers to the police who were working day and night manning roadblocks to ensure that everyone stays home.

The man first asked the officer whether he had enough facemasks to which he replied that even the police had no facemasks as the nation is currently facing a shortage of facemasks. He also gave them 3 bottles of hand sanitizers for their use and reminded them to stay safe.

Following the latest guideline from the Ministry of Health (MOH), facemasks are only to be worn if you have the symptoms for COVID-19 and if you are a frontliner who is more likely to be exposed to the virus.

Well, this man understood exactly what the MOH meant and was kind and responsible enough to give his facemask to the frontlines. In another post, Facebook user Zachary Goh, wrote that he saw a group of police of 10 police officers and a soldier but only 1 of them was wearing a mask despite all of them compromising their safety to protect us. He then immediately donated his face masks to the brave frontliners.

we are so proud of netizens who came together to help the frontliners!

Photo: Facebook Zachary Goh 

 “Saya Anak Malaysia” he wrote in his post, a simple reason as that to be helping others during these trying times.

While some are giving out their personal stock of protective gear to the frontliners, others with a little more expertise are joining in the effort by producing them!

As hospitals nationwide are facing a shortage of face shields that can help protect them from being exposed to the virus while treating COVID-19 patients, the 3D Printing Malaysia Community started by Facebook user Nurfaiz Foat, are making their own face shields using 3D printing to help the frontliners!

we are so proud of netizens who came together to help the frontliners!

Photo: 3D Printing Malaysia Community for COVID 19 (Group)

According to the Facebook group, their face shields are good enough to be used in low-risk areas and operations. Despite ensuring that the environment that they work in is kept clean for production, they do remind those receiving their products to clean the face shields thoroughly and make sure that they are sterile before use.

The Facebook group claimed that they had received a lot of positive feedback from doctors who said that their design is comfortable.

If you would like to be a part of this intuitive or even donate to their cause, you can visit their Facebook group (3D Printing Malaysia Community for COVID 19 (Group)) for more info.

We are all in this together!

By: Siti Farhana Sheikh Yahya