Watch This Adorable Girl Wish Our Health DG A Happy Birthday

Yesterday was Health DG Dr Noor Hisham’s 57th birthday and among all the wishes that poured in across social media, this one has got to be our favourite!

4-year old Shanice Lim posted a TikTok video with her family wishing Happy Birthday to Dr Noor Hisham with a rather elaborate skit.

Shanice was first seen drawing, when her father came and asked her what she was drawing.

“Hero”, she simply answered.

“Who’s the hero?” the dad asked.

Cue superhero music!

Shanice is now all dressed in her pink lab coat with a paper face mask written “Hisham” on top of it.

Then she went around treating her brother until her grandmother wanted to leave the house.

Like a superhero, Shanice quickly stopped her at the door.

“Dr Hisham said don’t go out!”

watch this adorable girl wish our health dg a happy birthday

Photo: Twitter @anthraxxxx

She continued telling all her family members to wear face masks and wash their hands before singing Happy Birthday to her beloved hero.

She ended the video by reminding everyone to stay at home. Do not “kesana kesini”!

The video that was shared on Twitter went viral with many finding her and the little skit absolutely adorable!

Thank you, Shanice and her family, for making our day. We hope everyone can listen to Shanice and just stay at home!

By: Siti Farhana Sheikh Yahya