KL Waiter's Literal Twist: Writes "Sing Song" Instead of Singing Birthday Song for Customer

One of the most heartwarming birthday surprises for anyone celebrating their special day is to be surrounded by loved ones, singing the birthday song, and presenting a delicious cake. 

kl waiter's literal twist: writes sing song instead of singing birthday song for customerPhoto via TikTok (@hyninzri)

In Kuala Lumpur, a woman named Hayani orchestrated a surprise birthday celebration for her friend, Diyana, with a unique twist. She requested that her friend's name be written on the birthday cake plate and that the servers sing a birthday song to make the moment unforgettable. Hayani used a mobile application to place her order, and she later shared the unexpected turn of events on her TikTok account, @hyninzri.

In her order request, Hayani wrote, "Can write Happy Birthday Diyana and sing song, please. Thank you!" However, the server took this request quite literally, leading to a delightful surprise blunder. 

While Diyana did receive the plate with her name beautifully written on it, the unexpected addition of "sing song" to the message left everyone in stitches.

Instead of getting upset or frustrated with the server's innocent mix-up, Hayani and her friends, including the birthday girl herself, found the situation incredibly amusing. Laughter filled the air, and they couldn't help but point out the hilarious "sing song" message on the plate.

Even netizens who came across the video on TikTok found this incident heartwarming and funny. One user shared a similar experience, saying, "I had the same experience with Baskin Robbins! They wrote, 'Happy Birthday Alia and candles.'" 

@hyninzri Kita request suruh nyanyiii tapi lain yang dia buat😭😭😭😭 #fypシ゚viral #birthdaygirl🎉🎂 @Diyvnv 🎃 @Hnaa ♬ original sound - Jehanhayanii

The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of English education, and the shared laughter highlights the joy that unexpected moments can bring to our lives.