Malaysian Shares Photo of Tuk Tuk Driver Who Looks Exactly Like Famous Hong Kong Actor!

A tuk tuk driver in Thailand has recently become an internet sensation due to his strikingly handsome looks.

malaysian shares photo of tuk tuk driver who looks exactly like famous hong kong actor!Photo via Koreaboo

Earlier this month, a Malaysian traveler shared her experience in Thailand, posting a photo of her tuk tuk driver on social media. She couldn't help but notice that he bore a remarkable resemblance to Hong Kong actor and singer Ruco Chan.

In her post, she humorously commented, "Ruco Chan is now a driver in Thailand!" The resemblance was uncanny, with the driver’s thick eyebrows and strong jawline mirroring those of the well-known actor.

Ruco Chan, born in 1977, has an extensive filmography featuring popular shows such as "Captain of Destiny" (2015), "A First Within Four Walls" (2016), and "The Unholy Alliance" (2017). Despite his busy schedule, currently starring in the second season of the TVB drama "Sinister Beings," netizens couldn’t resist making light-hearted jokes about his supposed new occupation.

Comments flooded in, with users playfully suggesting that Ruco Chan might be undercover in Thailand, with one person quipping, "Perhaps Ah Sir is going undercover in Thailand and his cover just got blown!" Another joked, "Isn’t this just a still from the show?"

The viral post has not only highlighted the driver's good looks but also brought a smile to many faces with its amusing comparisons.