Video Of Adorable Puppy Getting Its Head Stuck In Car’s Rims Went Viral, Stealing Malaysians’ Hearts!

Dogs are curious creatures by nature, especially puppies!

But it’s good if your dog is active, always curious and exploring things. The more they are inclined to explore freely, the more the brain is working with full use of the senses. 

In a video that recently went viral on TikTok, a chunky puppy can be seen trying and failing to free itself from a car’s rims.


Budak gemuk cari sakit... 😂

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The video, which was shared by user @kerol505 shows an adorable puppy that got itself stuck in between a car’s rims. 

The man, who was recording the video can be heard in the video talking to the puppy: “What are you doing? You’re stuck now, what should we do now?”

The dog then continued to struggle and the video was cut off.

But not to worry, guys, the puppy is okay! In another video, another man can be seen trying to free the little pup. 

He is seen slowly twisting the puppy and gently pulling its head out of the rims, “Let’s get a better look at its face. He is absolutely adorable,” the man who was recording the video can be heard saying. 


Budak gemuk dapat diselamatakan... 😂😂😂

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The TikTok video has since garnered over 1 million views at the time of writing.

Malaysians took to the comment section to thank the kind man for helping free the little pup and for being gentle with it, “It wasn’t its fault anyways, the rims were in its way,” one person commented.

Cutest puppy we’ve ever seen! We’re glad it's okay!